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What Every American Should Know When They Are Traveling

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I have been to over fifteen different countries in four months. Now, I would not call myself an expert, but I would say that I have obtained some experience when it comes to visiting other countries. In my opinion, embarking on an adventure to a foreign land is something that everyone should do at least once in their life. Not only will you obtain a new perspective on life, you will also learn to appreciate your own home while making new friends and making lifelong memories.

1. Let’s start with the basics. The very first thing you need to get is a passport. As obvious as that sounds, you would be surprised at how many times people have come to me for advice on a trip, and I come to find out that they don’t even have a passport. Now, it’s important to work on this first, as it can take time to actually receive the passport. I would estimate about one to two months depending on your local passport agency. A great website to check out would be:

2. Keep an open mind. Remember, you are not in the U.S. anymore. People have different cultures, different beliefs, and a different way of life than here in the States. Depending on where you go, be prepared for culture shock. You know, “the anxiety and feelings felt when people have to operate within a different and unknown cultural or social environment.”

3. When in Rome… You remember that old saying. When going to a different country TRY EVERYTHING! You don’t want to come home after a vacation away, and have your friends and family ask you what you did on your exotic vacation, only to say that you ate at McDonald’s and went to a local movie. Research where the locals hang out, where they eat, and even where they shop. You’ll be surprised at the difference in your vacation story when you can tell your friends that you went to a farmer’s market and met a great group of people who took you to all of the places tourists never get to see.

Although there are so many other tips I can give you, I would count on these three being the most important ones! Have fun, and happy travels!

Exploring Africa: The Basics

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One of the best vacation deals on the market is a trip to Africa for some of the most beautiful terrain and culturally-rich experiences in the world. The first stop is Cairo, Egypt, also known as the “Mother of Africa”. Egyptian package tours offer all-inclusive Nile cruises which cover all meals, entertainment and excursions to Valley of the Kings, Aswan, Edfu, Kom Ombo and more.

Upon completion of an Egypt tour, try a flight to South Africa for a one week stay on safari. Located just outside Johannesberg, Kruger National Park offers safari packages designed for all tastes, mobility levels and budgets. Family-style safaris are also available where children will take classes in African jewelry making and cooking. For disabled persons, there is a special program put out by Kumuka Tours called South Africa Enabled that provides local culture and wildlife expeditions for persons in wheelchairs.

Kruger National Park offers some of the best lodging rates in Africa, with options from private villas to in-home hostel stays with locals. Daily activities include hiking, biking, walking trails, interaction with animals and more. And there are no rigid time tables here. The safari traveler may arrive at Kruger with an empty itinerary slate, and plan each day on a whim.

Additional lodging is had all over the continent, offering terrain changes from the desert plains of the Kalahari to the grasslands of the Masai. For the ultimate in wildlife exploration, you will want to vary the locations to include the animals indigenous to each area.

From top to bottom, Africa is an adventure in beauty and timeless grace, and one of the most affordable packages around. Typical Egypt tours range from 8 to 21 nights and safari deals are generally sold by the week. There’s something for everybody in magnificent Africa; check with your travel agent for today’s best deal.

The Basics of Eco Tourism

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Traveling and experiencing new cultures is quite possibly one of the most influential experiences in life. Ecotourism promotes discovery of new destinations while bridging the gap between traditional tourism and local culture. Reducing the social and environmental impact, ecotourism aims to preserve communities while allowing travelers to broaden their horizons. Ecotourism can include traveling to exotic places and volunteering your time for conservation or just incorporating sustainable practices into your travels. No matter how you go about it, being a responsible traveler is the backbone of ecotourism.

Start by researching several destinations and activities of interest. Consulting travel books and searching the web will allow you to make informed decisions before and during your adventure. When researching accommodations and tour guides seek out businesses that work to protect the environment and benefit the local community. Many of these companies are affiliated with Green Globe, an international ranking system for the travel and tourism industry. Once you have chosen your destination do your homework prior to arrival by learning several words and phrases in the native language of the area you are visiting. Also, consider taking time to research local customs and culture. Once you have arrived at your destination continue your sustainable practices by buying local products, hiring local guides, honoring customs, and avoiding purchase of items made from threatened or endangered animals. Incorporating these tips will ensure a unique experience and prevent leaving a negative mark on the environment or culture. Remember when executed properly, ecotourism will boost local economy while continuing to protect the natural environment.

Traveling in the spirit of humility and having a genuine desire to experience new cultures can be an inspiring and life altering experience. No matter who you are, a truly successful trip will change the way in which you see the world

Get Travel Codes and Save Money on Travel

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Travel codes or promotional codes can help you save hundreds sometimes even thousands of dollars on travel. A travel code is a number or a combination of letters and numbers you input into a booking site like upon checkout. Sometimes they give you a percentage off your total other times they provide special incentives like hotel room upgrades. It works just like a coupon except it is done online instead of at a physical store. Students and other special groups have more options for obtaining these type of savings. Some schools for examples make travel codes available to their students and alumni on school websites. Even charities like animal groups for example make use of travel codes to reward donors and volunteers.

Everyone else can take advantage of travel codes with a little homework. Coupon sites like list promo codes for travel as a service to their visitors. also offers printable coupons you can take on your trip to save on dining. Large sites such as entertainment sites like Entertainment Magazine sometimes offer special deals to their visitors as well. They can do this because travel companies provide them with exclusive deals to enhance their websites. So it pays to surf the net and watch out for special travel deals.

You can save on all types of travel. Everything like airfare, car rental, hotel, dining and even ferry rides. You don’t have to hunt for travel codes if you don’t want to. These codes can be obtained at booking sites like and too. Just read the terms and conditions to find out if your travel need qualifies for a discount. Also keep in mind you could get a better deal at another site even if it does not offer a coupon code for the particular service you are seeking. Certainly, it pays to shop around.

Exotic Caribbean Destinations

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For a special getaway, a trip to the Caribbean offers an exotic escape to an array of volcanic islands. While almost all boast sandy white beaches set against turquoise water, some of these tropical isles offer even more tantalizing, unforgettable features.

Topped by the smoldering Mont Pelee volcano, Martinique is one of the isles of the Caribbean that transports visitors from hum-drum everyday life. Adorned in a breathtaking display of colorful flowers such as hibiscus and frangipani, it’s no wonder this island of flowers becomes a once in a lifetime memory. While it offers all the usual array of outdoor activities, it also offers a chance at relaxation. Known for its rum production, Martinique tempts visitors with tantalizing drinks as they sit and enjoy the sunsets. Because it is still part of an active volcano, many visitors are also able to experience the grey ash falls, something special to remember.

St. Lucia
This tiny island has a host of natural sights that range from coral reefs to gorgeous cliffs. In addition, it offers a wondrous look into a rain forest where visitors may view wild orchids, natural ferns, and birds of paradise. St. Lucia boasts the Soufriere volcano, a one of a kind in that visitors may drive into it. What makes this island even more special is the fact that it is one of the less publicized Caribbean Islands, making it an undiscovered treasure. St. Lucia is also known for its international jazz festivals.

Offering some of the best diving in the world, Curacao is surrounded by crystal clear water with excellent visibility. For those who are not into diving, the experience of seeing tropical fish from a boat is also a breathtaking experience. In addition, the island hosts an array of painters and artists who thrive in the sunny island’s friendly environment.