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5 Places to Watch a Beautiful Munich Sunset

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Posted by: Phineas Upham

A sunset is universally admired from the world over. The city of Munich, in Germany, has several beautiful and rustic vantage points to watch the sun go down.


Built for the 1972 Summer Olympic games, the Olympic Tower stands over 190 meters tall. The revolving restaurant at the top is the ideal location to watch a sun down. A lift brings people to the top, and the tower is open from nine AM to midnight daily, so there is plenty of time to see the view after the sun goes down too.

Alter Peter

The alter in Saint Peter’s Church offers a beautiful view of the sky and the city from inside the Church, or from the tower outside. While you wait for the sun to set, be sure to check out the masterpiece sculptures and frescoes that adorn the Church walls and ceiling.

Olympia Park

The man made hills of Olympia Park offer some nice vantage points of the city. The hills of the park are made from repurposed debris that was used in the ’72 games. Grab a mountain bike if you can and spend the day riding around outside.


Opposite Munich’s huge soccer stadium you will find an unusually named location called Garbage Hill. What you’re looking for is a hill with a windmill atop it, which offers a view of the city from the North.

The Town of Dachau

In the center of Dachau, a 1200 year old city, you will find a hill formed by glaciers with a restaurant at the top. That restaurant has one of the most beautiful views of the mountains in Munich, and the sunset over the city.

Phineas Upham is an investor from NYC and SF. You may contact Phin on his Phineas Upham website or Twitter page.

The Many Names of Istanbul

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Posted by: Barry K. Rothman

Today, we call it Istanbul but if we traveled back in time and asked for directions to Istanbul we might get funny looks. This is because the region has changed dramatically over time, both in who claimed ownership and what the people themselves thought of the area.


Also called Byzantion, Byzantium is the European settlement of Istanbul. The city was formed through several tribes that were loosely connected.


The city was founded by ancient Greeks known as Thracians. Some structures and walls from this period still survive today, but the city has largely moved on. The names of Lygos and Byzantium are more like regions, but they mark portions of what is today known as Istanbul.

Augusta Antonia

When Rome laid siege to the city in AD 196, they left it heavily damaged and in need of repair. To celebrate their victory, they rebuilt the glory of Byzantium and stuck the Roman name of Augusta Antonia in honor of the emperor’s son.


Constantine was said to have been attracted to the region of Istanbul thanks to a prophetic dream. When he settled in the city, he decided to declare it as the new capital in Rome. As a result, it was one of the busiest and largest cities throughout the ancient Greek and Byzantine world.

Origins of Istanbul

After the city fell to the Turks in the 1450s, the invaders adapted Constantinople to their own language. The name stuck for 500 years until the administration of the city adopted Istanbul from the Greek phrasing for “in the City.”



About the Author: Barry K. Rothman is an elementary school teacher in Houston, Texas. he is originally from NYC. He loves travelling to new places and taking pictures.

Sightseeing on Vacations

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Everyone needs a break. We all need sometime away from all the stress that our daily lives presents us; we need a time to just unwind and forget about the world we’re used to. Vacations have always been the source rest and relaxation and a way to refresh ourselves and see new things. What would be a good option to go to as a vacation destination though? Europe has always been a worthy choice, but with its many countries, it is still hard finding the right place to go to.

Italy vacations have always been fun and there’s always much to see in the beautiful country. There are a plethora of possible regions and cities that one can see such as Florence, Sicily, Sardinia, Cinque Terre, Venice, and of course, the ever popular Rome. Italy sightseeing never gets boring as there are always other great tourist attractions to see. In Rome alone, we have many popular locations such as the Coliseum, the Trevi fountain, the Castel Sant’Angelo, and St. Peter’s Basilica. Besides Rome though, many other locations serve as great tourist attractions such as Venice with its gondolas. The food in Italy is also something special with its tasty cheeses, delicious pizza and pasta, and delectable gelato.

Italy vacations are no joke as some serious fun is to be had. Enjoy Italy’s food, culture, and famous sights today, so don’t waste anymore time sitting behind a desk feeling sad and bored. Italy is truly the place to be!


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