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Sea kayaking safety tips

June 21, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

1Written by Crystal Seas

Sea kayaking is a lifetime sport, which will mix the love of the wilderness, travel and adventure with the added benefit of being active. However, most Sea Kayaking tour groups are not given the proper training that is necessary to ensure that participants are safe.

For a save adventure, participants should take the time to research and select an experienced kayaking tour company, that will provide the basic skills to avoid potential hazards. There are a number of Washington kayak tour companies that provide experienced professionals with known qualifications, to assist a kayaking novice.

Here are a number of tips that will help you enjoy a safe sea kayaking tour;

Take the time to research an experienced tour company that comes recommended.

Ensure you have sufficient time on your tour to learn about potential hazards, including knowing the latest weather forecast.

Request for practice sessions in safety equipment and rescues. This includes being able to swim and understanding when you shouldn’t swim (in waters under 60 Degrees F).

In case you capsize, you should try your very best not to loose your kayak and paddle.

Ask your guide about an action plan, if you capsize and are separated from your group. A practiced plan will prevent you from panicking and feeling unprepared.

Always wear a lifejacket at all times when paddling and ensure you have secure floatation on both ends of your kayak.

Check your equipment each time before you embark on your journey. If any equipment is faulty or you feel that they are damaged, inform you tour coordinator immediately.

A sea kayak tour is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The next time you want to take an adventure for your vacation go kayaking san juan with the team from Crystal Seas.