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The Benefits of Hotel Investment

March 31, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

If you’re considering building a portfolio for yourself, why not include hotel investment in your holdings? Luxury rentals are up, and hotels are becoming incredible destinations for exciting memories. The industry is adapting to the vacation rental competition it’s facing, and occupancy is increasing year over year. Learn more about the benefits of investing in hotels to see why you should include them as part of your holdings.

Easy to Invest

When you think about real estate investment, you have to consider location. Hotel companies have already done that legwork, and most established brands have several locations that produce steady income. Start with the big brands, then work your way down to less established chains and you’ll find some that have strong national marketing campaigns and steady business.

No matter how you choose to do so, the market is very accessible and easy to invest in.

Hands Off

Another drawback to something like real estate is that you have to manage costs. Hospitality, on the other hand, does this for you. They take care of room repairs, upgrades to furniture, and they document all of this in a quarterly statement so you can see your costs. If you want to pay attention to the minutia, it’s all there for you, but the chains manage themselves and operate efficiently to support your investment and provide a good return.

Amenities Equal Returns

Hotels that offer more amenities, such as golf courses and exhibition halls, tend to draw more repeat business from loyal visitors and annual conferences. This translates to guaranteed revenue for the chain, and big returns during the busy seasons.

Bio: Omar Amanat is an investor, and was part owner of Aman Resorts Group. Today, Amanat is a philanthropist who donates his returns to the United Nations.