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Insider Tips for Staying on Grand Cayman

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Written by: Andys Rent-a-Car

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Planning a vacation to a region that you have never been can bring just as much anxiety as excitement. The Cayman Islands are no exception. There are no shortages of activities, but the details of the trip can be especially hard to anticipate. If you book a room in the wrong area, for instance, you might be too far from anything of interest. Fail to book proper transportation once you’re on the island and you might find yourself with fewer activities within your reach.

The best way to plan a trip you’ll remember for years to come is to use insider knowledge to help decide where to stay and whether or not it’s worth it to rent a car in Grand Cayman.

Where to Stay

The basic choice before most travelers is whether to book a room at a hotel or a condo. There are advantages to both, it’s up to you to decide which offers the experience you want. With hotels, you’ll get room service and a small continental breakfast. Condos offer a similar experience, with snacks and food served in your room. The difference is that condos are your space; hotels are very much like visiting someone’s room.

That feeling of personal space can make a very big difference to travelers, especially older people who prefer time for themselves and a bit of privacy. As for seclusion, Seven Mile Beach offers a few sites away from hotels and larger condos, but you might be better served on the north side of Grand Cayman.

Rent a Bike or Car?

Many younger people who come to the island like to rent bikes for transportation, rather than a car hire in Grand Cayman. This is a good idea for the environment, maybe not so much for getting around. Roads can be very narrow in Grand Cayman, so bikes may have trouble inching past cars safely. Biking in the heat also makes it hard to get around. By the end of your trip you’ll be tired and dehydrated.

A better solution, if you truly wish to bike, is to plan for a day or two of Grand Caymans car rentals. This way, you get a respite during the middle of the trip and you can explore some parts of the island you’d otherwise not see.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide where you want to go and what you would like to do. Your trip to Grand Cayman can immerse you in beach culture, or provide the most amazing night life experiences you’ve ever had. Much of that experience is fueled by access. Plan accordingly.

Rent a Car During Your Trip to Abu Dhabi

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By Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

Heading to Abu Dhabi soon? If so, you’ve probably done your homework and made a nice big list of places to see when you get there. From fine dining to cultural attractions to much more, the city will give you plenty to do. Chances are you’ll discover a number of other items to add to your list of things to do while you’re there. Of course, this means you’ll need a reliable way to get around town. Abu Dhabi is a huge city, the second most populace in the United Arab Emirates.

RideRentaCar-Slide1Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to this: getting a cheap car rental in Abu Dhabi. It really is about as easy as that. A short-term car lease in Abu Dhabi won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, if anything, this investment will end up saving you a good chunk of change.

Think about it. If you don’t rent a car, you’re going to be constantly chasing down cabs and taxis or waiting for the bus. The former is going to cost you a small fortune, while the latter will ensure you never get anywhere on time.

Do yourself a huge favor and rent a car for your trip to Abu Dhabi.


Before you head over to your dream vacation in Abu Dhabi, make sure you have everything you need. With Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC, you can easily afford to car hire in Abu Dhabi ensuring you have no problem getting around during your trip.

Ready Your Boat for an Overnight Trip with These Tips

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Ready-Your-Boat-for-an-Overnight-Trip-with-These-TipsBuying a new boat (even if it’s only “new” to you) is a thrilling feeling. The open sea and boundless adventure await, but that adventure takes place in nature. Nature is notoriously unforgiving, but there are ways to bring some creature comforts from home with you onto the open sea. Read on for tips to help you pack for your overnight boating trip.

Flotation Devices

Most yacht cushions can double as a flotation device thanks to the kind of foam used to manufacture the seats. In an emergency, these flotation devices can save lives. Ideally, this should be something built into the boat’s seating arrangements so no one has to think about it if the time comes.


An overnight trip isn’t too hard to pack for, but you should have a cooler stocked with the essentials. Plenty of water, usually one gallon per person will do. If you’re having a relaxed gathering of adults, it wouldn’t be too far out of character to slip something alcoholic (but go fine wine or craft beer to add a touch of class). For food, make sure you pack protein. Peanut butter and beef jerky are excellent for this, even if you plan to fish for your food while you float.

Pack for the Temperature

Almost universally speaking, there is a good chance you’ll get cold over night. Ocean temperatures tend to differ significantly from inland heat, so this trick will help no matter what your days are like. Order a boat mattress replacement made of foam. The foam core provides good support for your back, and it helps insulate your body heat from the cold deck.

Bio: Carlo Badalamenti is the marketing manager for The Foam Factory, a Michigan-based manufacturer of custom-cut foam products.