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Ready Your Boat for an Overnight Trip with These Tips

June 15, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Ready-Your-Boat-for-an-Overnight-Trip-with-These-TipsBuying a new boat (even if it’s only “new” to you) is a thrilling feeling. The open sea and boundless adventure await, but that adventure takes place in nature. Nature is notoriously unforgiving, but there are ways to bring some creature comforts from home with you onto the open sea. Read on for tips to help you pack for your overnight boating trip.

Flotation Devices

Most yacht cushions can double as a flotation device thanks to the kind of foam used to manufacture the seats. In an emergency, these flotation devices can save lives. Ideally, this should be something built into the boat’s seating arrangements so no one has to think about it if the time comes.


An overnight trip isn’t too hard to pack for, but you should have a cooler stocked with the essentials. Plenty of water, usually one gallon per person will do. If you’re having a relaxed gathering of adults, it wouldn’t be too far out of character to slip something alcoholic (but go fine wine or craft beer to add a touch of class). For food, make sure you pack protein. Peanut butter and beef jerky are excellent for this, even if you plan to fish for your food while you float.

Pack for the Temperature

Almost universally speaking, there is a good chance you’ll get cold over night. Ocean temperatures tend to differ significantly from inland heat, so this trick will help no matter what your days are like. Order a boat mattress replacement made of foam. The foam core provides good support for your back, and it helps insulate your body heat from the cold deck.

Bio: Carlo Badalamenti is the marketing manager for The Foam Factory, a Michigan-based manufacturer of custom-cut foam products.

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