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Plan a Romantic Road Trip in Jordan, a Treasure by the Seas

March 17, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

Whether you seek adventure in the desert or by the sea, or want to get a taste of unique cuisine and vibrant nightlife, there’s plenty to capture the imagination in Jordan. This compact and exciting country is situated against two seas, boasts a truly Mediterranean climate, and features a plethora of natural sights.  With so much to see and do, Jordan provides plenty of opportunities to explore the world with someone you love.


Be sure to book a car hire in Abu Dhabi or Jordan before you get to Amman International Airport, as they’re the best bet to travel around Jordan at your leisure and convenience. With the whole of Jordan now just beyond the driver’s seat, here are some excellent vacation locations:


Relaxation and Well-Being by the Dead Sea


For those twho love to kick back, the Dead Sea provides ultimate leisure and natural beauty. Known for its rich mineral content and prized for its many health benefits, the Dead Sea is not only one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world, but also a place of relaxation and comfort. Multiple 5- and 4-star hotels line the Jordanian portion of the sea, each offering a variety of spa treatments. Ever wondered at the rejuvenating powers of a salt bath and detoxifying treatment? Find out yourself at one of the many resorts. After spending a couple days floating in the sea, laying out by the pool, or staying fit at the hotels’ tennis courts and fitness centers, couples can mingle with locals at the nearby Hammamat Ma’in (Ma’in Hot Springs), the gorgeous mineral-rich waters that feed the hundred-plus hot springs in the Jordanian Valley.


Coast Through Wadi Rum


With your car rental in Abu Dhabi International Airport in Abu Dhabi you can take a little drive south of the Dead Sea is Wadi Rum, a valley of sandstone and granite that will thrill any adventurous couple desirous of the drama of mountains and red desert. Rock climbers will love traversing Wadi Rum’s sheer granite cliffs and surveying the expanse of untouched lands that lie below. Those who appreciate thrilling views can participate in adrenaline-pumping aero sports, hot air balloon rides, and hikes across the many mountain ridges.


Adventure in Aqaba


Driving distance from Wadi Rum is Aqaba, a seaside town that combines the adventures of the desert with a sea setting. Situated at the northern tip of the Red Sea, Aqaba serves as the country’s only seaport. Thusly, the city features excellent seafood cuisine as well as lively nightlife. Bars and clubs pepper the city, while couples wanting a more intimate evening can enjoy a nighttime cruise around the Red Sea. Cap it all off with opportunities to snorkel, scuba dive, speedboat, sail, or fish, and Aqaba is a destination with plenty to offer visitors for a day or for a week.


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