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Summer Vacation in San Diego

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Warm weather is on the horizon, which means it is time to plan your summer vacation in sunny San Diego. With its white sand beaches, exciting attractions and warm, perfect weather, “America’s Finest City” is the destination of choice for families, couples and solo travelers. Not sure whether the city lives up to its nickname? Here is a look at the top three reasons why you should visit San Diego this summer.

Pristine beaches: Take advantage of the perfect weather in San Diego by visiting the beach. Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, San Diego is world-renown for its beautiful beaches such as Coronado, selected as one of the Travel Channel’s America’s finest beaches. Other beautiful beaches in the city include Carlsbad State Beach, Silver Strand State Beach and the La Jolla Reefs. Solo surfers will enjoy spots like Tamarack and Warm Water Jetty.

Exciting attractions: A San Diego vacation isn’t complete without a few activities and attractions. The city offers a wide variety of activities for all ages, including SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park and LEGOLAND California. You can also find aquariums, museums and much more.

World-class shopping: You can’t leave “America’s Finest City” without a souvenir, or two! San Diego offers first-class shopping throughout the city including fine outdoor shopping centers and malls, unique downtown shops and boutiques, farmer’s markets and even pet boutiques. San Diego also offers museum gift shops, antique stores and discount outlet centers.

Traveling with Pets

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Article Submitted by Larry Janian of Life as a Pet

A furry pal makes an excellent travel companion. He never asks, ‘Are we there yet?’ His expectations are always met. And he never argues about which road to take to get where you’re going.

Traveling with a pet has other pluses. It can open the door to meeting new people — animals are a terrific conversation starter. With pet in tow, you’ll be more focused on the great outdoors, so your holiday will challenge you to approach a destination with a new perspective. Of course, not all resorts welcome Rover with open arms. If you’re planning a trip with your pet, don’t leave home without a copy of “Mobil ‘99: On the Road With Your Pet,” (Fodors, $15) a comprehensive guidebook that offers more than 4,400 destinations for travelers with dogs, cats and other pets. It’s smart to verify pet policies ahead of time, since they are subject to change.

Before you even consider jumping in the car with Fluffy, Andrea Arden, director of the Manhattan Dog Training and Behavior Center, offers these fail-safe tips for making your holiday a tail-wagging success:
* Is your pet is a good traveler? Taking a pet along is a responsibility, to the pet, as well as the public at large. The best candidates for a road trip are pets who are even-tempered, well behaved, sociable and in good health. If your pet is anxious, aggressive or easily stressed, best make other arrangements. Also, if your pet is less than 12 weeks old, they aren’t ready to hit the road just yet.
* Consider the weather. A trip through the Grand Canyon in summer will be unbearable for your animal. Choosing a different time of year would make all the difference.
* Be willing to devote time and attention to your pet. If your plans involve a lot of socializing, you may want to think twice about bringing Sparky along.
* Opt for pet-friendly destinations. Camping is a great choice for pet travel, as long as you know in advance if the site permits pets. Since your pet will be in unfamiliar territory, and there might be wild animals around — keep him on his leash while at the campsite.
* Be prepared to leave a deposit with the hotel/motel owner in case of any damages incurred by your animal companion. This is standard procedure — don’t take it personally.
* Train your pet for the trip. Hopefully he has a head start already, but be sure your pet can greet people, settle/calm down on command, get into a carrier or crate if necessary, walk on a leash, come when called and get down to their business without too much delay.

Always clean up after your pet — no exceptions. Avoid walking your dog in flower gardens, public areas, etc. Wipe his feet before coming inside. It’s a good idea to get a vet referral for your destination, in case of an emergency.

Who Will Take Your Pet if your traveling with a plane?
If you are considering flying with a pet, be sure you are familiar with the airline’s policies, which vary considerably. Choose direct or nonstop flights wherever possible and try to travel off peak, when you and your pet will get the attention you need. If your pet weighs in at 20 pounds or less, he can fly in the main cabin provided you use an approved soft-sided carrier, such as the Sherpa bag. You’ll need a health certificate from your vet before the airline will accept your pet as a passenger.

Why One Should Rent Cars in Portugal

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One of the best times to look forward to in our lives is when we are able to set off on a vacation whether by ourselves or with our loved ones. There’s no doubt that comfort plays a large role in this especially if one is taking a vacation to another country.

Take for example, if you are visiting the beautiful country of Portugal where one can either explore this region using public transportation or even by using the option of car hire Algarve that one can use to travel through most parts of the country.

One can also find cars in Portugal that suit their requirements, and regardless of whether one wants just for the sake of traveling or even looking for those that provide them a great deal of comfort while doing so, one ca so easily find a wide range of cars at their disposal for which they will have to pay a nominal price.

And it doesn’t matter where you want to go, as going for the option of a car hire Faro will help you to get to wherever you want to go in Portugal while being able to drop off the vehicle in one of the designated offices, after which you can proceed to enjoy what you have planned at your destination.

And at an aesthetic level, one can enjoy the sights of Portugal is only they choose to be wise enough to hire a vehicle of their choice.

Why One Should Visit The Poconos Family Resort

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Ever had that absolutely perfect vacation where one either did not wish they came back to dull reality of life or wished they could go back again. If one did visit Poconos Pennsylvania, then there would be no doubt that they surely understand what this feeling is all about.

Of course, since the Poconos Family Resort is located in the mountains, not only can one find a mix of activity for children and adults alike but will also offer one space to have a relaxing and quiet vacation if they so choose.

And perhaps this is why these Pocono Family Vacations are in great demand these days as it not only offers the comfort of daily living that you are used but one can also take in the natural beauty of the mountains in this quiet surroundings around which the resort has been built.

If that’s not enough, each family is served according to their personal needs, and this might be another reason why it is considered to be one in a million.

Not only do these times bring the family together but it also encourages children to take part in activities that they are not used to as they live in the city, and probably, since one can get everything in this package, perhaps the perfect way to spend your vacation time is to try one of these Poconos Family Getaways.