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See the Cayman Islands on Your Own Terms

August 8, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

By Andy’s Rent-A-Car

Have you ever been to the Cayman Islands before? If not, this is definitely something to add to your bucket list. The Cayman Islands are unlike any other place on the planet. It’s why so many people practically refuse to go anywhere else for their vacations. The next time you have some time off, you should definitely check out this gorgeous place.

andys6You’re just not going to find anywhere else where all you have to do is walk around for the most amazing views ever. Of course, Seven Mile Beach helps in this regard too. So does Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park where both your eyes and nose will be in love.

Then there’s Stingray City. This beach is pretty much worth the trip all on its own. You’ll get right up close to dozens and dozens of stingrays who will gladly let you pet them and pose for a photo op in exchange for being handfed.

Before you come here though, just make sure you look into rental cars. Grand Cayman and the Cayman Islands car hire services here are a necessity because they make it possible to get around whenever you choose. Otherwise, you have to experience the islands on someone else’s terms, which is never ideal.


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