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Cost Saving Tips for Budget Hotel Owners

April 28, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Budget HotelIf you own your own hotel, maintenance costs can eat into your bottom line fairly quickly. A mattress replacement here, plumbing work there and soon you’re counting losses in combination with your payroll. If you’re interested in cutting these maintenance costs, these tips will work well for you.

Find a Single Contractor

If you can find one contractor who can take care of most fixes, half the battle is won. You’ll usually get a bulk discount for sending so much business to that contractor, you’ll employ another small business just like yours, and ultimately the building gets fixed. Show up to hardware stores early on weekends and bring donuts. Strike up conversations, swap business cards and comparison shop.

Switch to a Foam Mattress

If you order dry fast mattress foam sheets, you can make every bed in the building more comfortable and healthier for pennies on the dollar. Ordering beds from a supplier can costs thousands, or tens of thousands for larger hotels. Get the sheets custom cut to size, if they aren’t already sized to the bed size, and order them online for free shipping.

Carefully Manage Inventory

Managing your inventory is key in avoiding buying too much. The less inventory you keep on hand, the less you pay. The trick is learning how to balance the needs of your customers with the bottom line. Experience will teach you this part better than any other method. Also, managing inventory carefully will help you anticipate demand for certain items better, which can help streamline your menu and make in-house restaurants that much more appealing.

Bio: The Foam Factory sells foam mattress toppers, and mattresses cut to size from its factory and retail store in Southeast Michigan. Order online or in store at The Foam Factory.

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