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Mount Eden: Mountain of the Whau Tree

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By Phin Upham

Mount Eden is situated 4 miles from the Central Business District of Auckland City. Mt. Eden Rd. weaves around the mountain and through the valley, running south along Three Kings. The volcano itself is dormant, with the last eruption occurring some 28,000 years ago. That final eruption drained the Southern crate to fill the Northern one.

Today, the mountain sees year round tourism. It’s the highest point in Auckland that is not manmade, and it provides an incredible viewpoint of the entire city. The destination is serviced by several buses that used to take visitors to the top of the hill, where a manmade parking lot had been fashioned. The heavy traffic eventually degraded the mountain, and tourist bus service was discontinued in 2006.

For now, buses park halfway up the mountain until a “sustainable” transport system can be fashioned that has a lower impact on the environment.

Visitors from all over the world still go on “heritage walks” that give them a tour of the site. There are several trails to choose from, with each taking roughly 40 minutes to hike. The Mt. Eden Village Walk takes tourists through an early development village, while a neighborhood walk shows visitors what life was life for early natives.

Eden also found a use as a broadcast point for the New Zealand Post Office. It carried a VHF antenna that was used to hail taxi cabs and delivery firms. The mountain also has an underground water reservoir, which has been in place since the 1870s.

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Adventures in Grand Cayman

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Written by Andys Rent-A-Car

The Grand Cayman has a lot to offer if you are a travel and adventure lover. You would simply have to contact a Cayman Islands car hire company, choose the most appropriate vehicle and you would be ready to embark on a trip throughout the island. Whether you are opting to go to the beach, diving or just sight-seeing, the island has it all.


Whether you are a fishing lover or not, you might just give it a try on your trip to the Grand Cayman. Fishing is arguable one of the foremost activities on the island and you might let yourself get tempted by the crystal waters and incredible catches that you might find. You might think about bringing along your camera as you would not want to miss a photo with some of the most prized catches such as the blue marlin, tuna or bonefish.

Seven Mile Beach

This beach is found on Grand Cayman and is known throughout the world. It offers endless streaks of golden sands and some great water activities. The most adventurous visitors might try their hands are kayaking or water-skiing. Other exciting activities are windsurfing and parasailing.

Swimming with Stingrays

North Sound in Grand Cayman houses the Stingray City. This place features one of the most amazing dives in the world. It also allows visitors to feed and swim with stingrays. This unique Grand Cayman experience would please adventurous tourists.

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