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Get to Know the Napa Valley Wine Train

January 27, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

napa-valley-wine-trainThe Napa Valley Wine Train is one of the most interesting attractions, aside from the many wineries, that can draw someone to the area. California’s wine country is the perfect quiet little getaway, and an incredible spot to relax and unwind from the hubbub of the city. While you’re there, be sure to take a ride on the 25 miles of track that snake through the most beautiful parts of the Valley.

Most of the Wine Train’s cars were manufactured in 1915, so they’ve been restored over the years. The Pullman Standard Company used them for the Northern Pacific Railway, and they provided limited service to and from the East coast.

Modernizing those cars was no simple task. The cars were built from steel, which provides significant safety benefits for passengers. That’s a plus, but they still need modern electrified lighting systems and new amenities (like arched windows and elaborate dining booths). The cars also utilize steam to heat the interior, a nice benefit during the winter.

Today, there are a variety of cars to choose from. Some angle the seats against the windows, like a bar, providing a conversation space to watch the landscape as you cruise by. You’ll even find an observation deck on car 1011, which passengers are welcome to utilize any time they like.

You can book your vacation through the Napa Valley Wine Train website, or you can call them directly to make a reservation. You can also gift the vacation to a loved one, if there’s someone special you know of who could use some time away.

Archbishop James Provence is retired from the Church, and currently resides in Vacaville. There, James Provence is a volunteer docent for the California Railway Museum in Sacramento.