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Why It Makes More Sense to Choose a Rental Car Over Uber

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Summary: There are some cases where rental cars can actually save you money and time as opposed to using the mammoth transportation service.

Looking to travel in search of adventure? Well, one aspect that you need to consider is getting around from place to place. And believe it or not, it’s not cheap. Especially when it’s completely possible to rent a car for $15 or less per day – although you might be missing some amenities that most modern cars provide.

What if Uber Is Out of Your Travel Network?

Now, Uber is a fantastic option when it comes to crowded cities that don’t have the best parking situation, but have you considered the fact that you might not have access to it when travelling abroad? For instance, you might want to opt for car rentals in Jordan or any other foreign country where language is an issue, network service might be lacking or Uber is simply just not an option.

Rental Cars Provide You With More Options

Don’t count Uber out though, it can definitely work as a short term situation but you need to consider the fact that it does add up, especially when you’re on a travel budget.

Say you go with a rental car agency like Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC as opposed to taking a taxi or an Uber. Although you might have to deal with the marginal hassle of refilling the car and returning the car, you’ll also gain more freedom and options to go where you want to go. In addition to that, you also won’t have to worry about raised prices during rush hour, optional tipping (which you should do) or grumpy drivers.

What you need to know when kayaking with kids?

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Kayaking can be a wonderful experience for the entire family. However, unlike organizing a kayaking trip with adults, a trip with kids will involve a bit more planning. Here are some areas to consider.

Kayaking lessons – Before you plan your trip, you and your family should book kayaking lessons. These are often done at community pools and can provide your children with much-needed experience and skills for their trip. It is also important to add a few strength training workouts before your trip to strengthen older kids and yourself.

Planning the trip – Firstly, parents who have no kayaking experience should not consider taking their children with them. If you are new to kayaking, try experiencing kayaking on your own, with your partner or with a friend before including your kids on the adventure.

Location – Choose a location where the water is calm with minimal currents. Look at protected bays, lakes and slow rivers. As your family gains experience, look at more challenging locations. Bathroom breaks and diaper changes are an important part of traveling with young Speak to our experienced kayaking personnel at Crystal Seas for locations with appropriate facilities.

The length of the trip – The length of your kayaking trip will have to be short, as young children will get tired and have a short attention span. As a rule of thumb, look at shortening your trip to 1/3 of your usual distance when kayaking with children.


How to Take Out the Stress of Planning a Vacation to Jordan

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Summary: To save the most money on your next trip to Jordan, it can’t be emphasized enough to book in advance.

As most of you already know, planning an overseas vacation can be brutal. Fortunately, this guide is designed to help you pinpoint what you need to make it as easy and painless as possible – everything from car rentals in Jordan to booking flights for cheap.

Book in Advance

Last minute airline booking will be the death of your wallet. Why wait when you can plan ahead and get the charges out of the way? Most flights that are booked in advance (6 months and beyond) are 20-50% cheaper than last-minute bookings. You could be saving an average of $300 just by planning ahead. There’s no such thing as being over prepared, especially when it comes to taking a trip to Jordan.

Rental Car Deals

With so many car rental companies at your disposal, which one should you choose? First off, start by checking the reviews of the rental companies online. You can find hundreds of reviews from previous customers that either liked or disliked what they experienced. Check to see their availability, prices, fees, and selection. If they meet exactly what you’re looking for give them a call and discuss what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a long term car rental in Amman Jordan or something that’ll last for less than a week, do your research. You’ll find that choosing the right company will save you from countless headaches.

Bio: Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC is your home for the finest car hire in Amman Airport. For more information, visit them online today.

The Benefits of Hotel Investment

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If you’re considering building a portfolio for yourself, why not include hotel investment in your holdings? Luxury rentals are up, and hotels are becoming incredible destinations for exciting memories. The industry is adapting to the vacation rental competition it’s facing, and occupancy is increasing year over year. Learn more about the benefits of investing in hotels to see why you should include them as part of your holdings.

Easy to Invest

When you think about real estate investment, you have to consider location. Hotel companies have already done that legwork, and most established brands have several locations that produce steady income. Start with the big brands, then work your way down to less established chains and you’ll find some that have strong national marketing campaigns and steady business.

No matter how you choose to do so, the market is very accessible and easy to invest in.

Hands Off

Another drawback to something like real estate is that you have to manage costs. Hospitality, on the other hand, does this for you. They take care of room repairs, upgrades to furniture, and they document all of this in a quarterly statement so you can see your costs. If you want to pay attention to the minutia, it’s all there for you, but the chains manage themselves and operate efficiently to support your investment and provide a good return.

Amenities Equal Returns

Hotels that offer more amenities, such as golf courses and exhibition halls, tend to draw more repeat business from loyal visitors and annual conferences. This translates to guaranteed revenue for the chain, and big returns during the busy seasons.

Bio: Omar Amanat is an investor, and was part owner of Aman Resorts Group. Today, Amanat is a philanthropist who donates his returns to the United Nations.

Get to Know the Napa Valley Wine Train

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napa-valley-wine-trainThe Napa Valley Wine Train is one of the most interesting attractions, aside from the many wineries, that can draw someone to the area. California’s wine country is the perfect quiet little getaway, and an incredible spot to relax and unwind from the hubbub of the city. While you’re there, be sure to take a ride on the 25 miles of track that snake through the most beautiful parts of the Valley.

Most of the Wine Train’s cars were manufactured in 1915, so they’ve been restored over the years. The Pullman Standard Company used them for the Northern Pacific Railway, and they provided limited service to and from the East coast.

Modernizing those cars was no simple task. The cars were built from steel, which provides significant safety benefits for passengers. That’s a plus, but they still need modern electrified lighting systems and new amenities (like arched windows and elaborate dining booths). The cars also utilize steam to heat the interior, a nice benefit during the winter.

Today, there are a variety of cars to choose from. Some angle the seats against the windows, like a bar, providing a conversation space to watch the landscape as you cruise by. You’ll even find an observation deck on car 1011, which passengers are welcome to utilize any time they like.

You can book your vacation through the Napa Valley Wine Train website, or you can call them directly to make a reservation. You can also gift the vacation to a loved one, if there’s someone special you know of who could use some time away.

Archbishop James Provence is retired from the Church, and currently resides in Vacaville. There, James Provence is a volunteer docent for the California Railway Museum in Sacramento.

Why Renting a Car in Jordan is Better Than Booking a Tour

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The freedom and flexibility of car rentals is an appealing factor.

car-in-motionIn order to maximize your vacation to Amman, Jordan, you’re going to want to be sure that you hit an assortment of destinations that showcase the wonders of the city. And, the best way that you can do this is through short term leasing a car in Amman Jordan. This way, you’ll travel on your own time and not have to worry about dealing with the strict time schedules of a tour bus.

You’re the Boss

Not to place a knock on tour companies, but some of them tend to rush through locations to keep on track with their schedule. This could mean that you would feel rushed after visiting each location instead of taking the time to explore the ins and outs of every stop. By choosing car rentals in Jordan over a tour company, you could essentially go wherever you want to whenever you want. This opens up a plethora of options for you and your family when it comes to some of the famous tourist destinations.

Prices Are Cheaper Than Tours

In addition to the flexibility that you’ll have, you’ll also save a significant amount of money that you can place elsewhere. Tour companies need to make money. In order to do so, they’ll offer packages that will take you to specific locations. The only downside is that it can be quite expensive. Having a car of your own will cut those costs and provide you with the same benefits that you’d receive with a tour company (minus the guide).

Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC if your home for Amman rent a car services. With years of experience on hand, Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC can help you book your next rental car today!

Travel Tips for the Abu Dhabi Visitor

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Abu Dhabi offers an experience like no other.

abu-dhabi-wavesAbu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, may not have a portion of the pizazz that it’s neighbor, Dubai, has, yet it’s pretty much as exciting and deserving of a visit. The individuals who go to Abu Dhabi will encounter a portion of the more laid-back society, for an absence of better words. It’s somewhat more easygoing with regards to nightlife and tourism, but on the other hand it’s a standout amongst the most recorded goals that you’ll ever see on a trek. Here are some tips that will help you on your upcoming trip to this great city.

Keep Customs in Mind

There are sure traditions that you need to take after when going to Dubai. For one, make certain that you regard the neighborhood traditions and society when you go there. Local people tend to anticipate that guests will oblige with wearing appropriate apparel, which incorporates nothing that is viewed as tight or uncovering. Ladies should cover their exposed shoulders and knees – additionally abstain from bare neck areas.

Renting a Car

If you are searching for an approach to get around the city, you can visit a monthly car rental in Abu Dhabi. They are shabby, effective, and will help you get around the city in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, in the event that you are searching for a car hire in Abu Dhabi, make sure that you are conducting business with a reputable company. There have been innumerable times where visitors have suffered for not reading  “between the lines” in the agreement.

Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC can help you find the best car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE. For more information, visit them online today.

Top Free Attractions in Hong Kong

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By Samuel Phineas Upham

Hong Kong is one of the most diverse parts of Asia, if not the world. It’s a hotbed of lights, markets, restaurants, street concerts, galleries and more. As an island just off of Mainland China, Hong Kong has become a haven for creative types too. The city’s nightlife can be expensive, so you should plan on some budget ideas throughout the day so you can save money for what you really want to do. Fortunately, there is no shortage of ways to have fun for free in Hong Kong. Here are just a few of the most popular ideas.

Take Advantage of Free Museums

Every Wednesday, seven of the city’s major museums are totally free to the public. If you want to, it’s not hard to find free art installations around the city either. You can also see some very cool venue on the south side of the island. Look for Wong Chuk Hang, which was a factory that has been converted into an exquisite gallery space.

Live Music

Street music is fairly popular in Hong Kong, and you’ll frequently find funk, jazz and indie music acts outside the Arts Center. They have a free exhibition during the third Saturday of every month, and the second Thursday in case you miss that show. You can also visit the Comix Home Base on the last Sunday of every month for another show.


You can spend an entire day getting lost in a Hong Kong market. You can haggle with vendors over pricing, and see the incredible flower market. The wet markets are another sight to behold. These meat and produce markets are all over Hong Kong, so you get a taste of the city and its food at the same time.

About the Author: Samuel Phineas Upham is an investor at a family office/ hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Phin Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media and Telecom group. You may contact Phin on his Twitter.

Cost Saving Tips for Budget Hotel Owners

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Budget HotelIf you own your own hotel, maintenance costs can eat into your bottom line fairly quickly. A mattress replacement here, plumbing work there and soon you’re counting losses in combination with your payroll. If you’re interested in cutting these maintenance costs, these tips will work well for you.

Find a Single Contractor

If you can find one contractor who can take care of most fixes, half the battle is won. You’ll usually get a bulk discount for sending so much business to that contractor, you’ll employ another small business just like yours, and ultimately the building gets fixed. Show up to hardware stores early on weekends and bring donuts. Strike up conversations, swap business cards and comparison shop.

Switch to a Foam Mattress

If you order dry fast mattress foam sheets, you can make every bed in the building more comfortable and healthier for pennies on the dollar. Ordering beds from a supplier can costs thousands, or tens of thousands for larger hotels. Get the sheets custom cut to size, if they aren’t already sized to the bed size, and order them online for free shipping.

Carefully Manage Inventory

Managing your inventory is key in avoiding buying too much. The less inventory you keep on hand, the less you pay. The trick is learning how to balance the needs of your customers with the bottom line. Experience will teach you this part better than any other method. Also, managing inventory carefully will help you anticipate demand for certain items better, which can help streamline your menu and make in-house restaurants that much more appealing.

Bio: The Foam Factory sells foam mattress toppers, and mattresses cut to size from its factory and retail store in Southeast Michigan. Order online or in store at The Foam Factory.

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Three Must-Do Experiences to Have in Hong Kong

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By Phineas Upham

If Hong Kong hasn’t made it on your bucket list, it’s time to start wondering why. This cultural epicenter is rich in traditional architecture with a modern twist. The city is evolving at a rapid pace, and though it’s dense there is a lot to be found for the keen traveler. Here are three experiences you can’t miss if you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong.

Visit a Street Market

Sure, you’ve probably been to a swap meet but nothing can prepare you for a Hong Kong Street Market. You’ll hear people shouting prices, haggling over items. You’ll smell fish and meat and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables of all types are there for the buying. It’s one of the most unique assemblage of goods for sale anywhere in the world, reminiscent of old-world bazaars full of merchants hocking wares from far off places.

Challenge Your Pallete

China is known for challenging the tastes of even the most accomplished food connoisseur. One of the prime examples is chicken feet, which is completely delicious once one gets past the concept of eating chicken feet. You will find bones in soup, head of animals and all sorts of food in between. At the very least, be prepared to try something new.

Tour a Temple

There are a plethora of temples, some inside the city proper and some on the outskirts, that are worth visiting. Pick one, and go. The experience is like nothing else you’ll ever do, and it’s difficult to explain why. It’s serene, but it’s also a learning experience. It can be humbling, especially if you visit a temple that allows tourists to dine with monks. It’s an incredible glimpse into a culture preserved over thousands of years.

Phineas Upham is an investor from NYC and SF. You may contact Phin on his Phineas Upham website or Twitter page.

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