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Having a Blast in the Grand Caymans

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Written by: Andy’s Rent-A-Car

The Cayman Islands certainly deserve their collective reputation for being some of the most beautiful tropical locations in the world, and this reputation is especially true for the biggest island, Grand Cayman. At 76 square miles, Grand Cayman makes up 76% of the Cayman Islands’ landmass, and features unparalleled scenic beauty and delicious native cuisine. With a large variety of outdoor activities and sights to see, Grand Cayman is a perfect place to spend a few days in the lounging in the sun and playing surf. Here are some suggestions to get you started on your tour of the island.

Leisure Car Rentals in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman doesn’t compare to the mainland in terms of total land area, but the island can still prove challenging to get around without proper transportation. Better than bus or boat, car rentals in Grand Cayman are an excellent way for tourists to see the island. Those arriving by plane at Owen Roberts International Airport will find Andy’s Rent-A-Car an excellent option for those looking for an affordable and stylish means of getting around. Customers can either pick up their car directly from the George Town office (it’s only a 90-second walk from the terminal), or they can order a rental car to be delivered directly to their hotel.

Hitting Seven Mile Beach

This crescent-shaped and aptly named beach was honored by Caribbean Travel + Life as one of the Caribbean’s “Ultimate Beaches,” and for good reason. The entire beach is publicly accessible, and features much of the gorgeous marine life unique to the Caribbean. Drive out and enjoy the scenic coastal views—there are nearly endless places where you can park your car and jump into the ocean. Snorkeling, parasailing, and scuba diving are just a few of the options available to tourists at any given moment. Once you’ve tired yourself out, delicious food can be had at any of the numerous restaurants and luxury resorts that line the shore. If you’re feeling a more intimate, hands-on atmosphere, you can stay on the beach and host your own picnic—open grilling and pets are allowed free reign on the beach.

Explore More

Though it’s hard to imagine, Seven Mile Beach can be exhausted—eventually. In that case, there are plenty of other places to explore with your Grand Cayman car rental. The West Bay hosts the Kittiwake Shipwreck and artificial reef, which consistently ranks among the best sights in Grand Cayman. Also worth checking out is Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park, which features beautiful landscaping and terrestrial life.

Andys Rent-A-Car offers Grand Caymans car rentals to tourists and visitors to the Cayman Islands.

Budget solutions for outdoor yacht cushions

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The yacht is an excellent place to spend some during summer time and when at sea. It is also one of the best places to have a party and host guests. Ideally, a yacht would be needing adequate seating spaces, especially on the outdoors for everyone to feel comfortable when onboard. However, these seat cushions are often subject to the elements. With some time rain, wind and sea water splashes would contribute to damage the cushion. The humidity of the marine environment might also contribute to bringing mold and mildew on these cushions.

In order to replace these cushions, a budget-friendly solution might be sought. Generally, foam companies offer the possibility of having the foam custom cut to suit the size of the project. You would need to accurately measure down the size of the foam required before ordering to have it cut. Carlo Badalamenti is now the VP of a foam company. He has also worked in the industry for several decades now. The adequate foam for such an outdoor project would need to be a dry fast foam. These types of foams are made of more open cells compared to regular foams. They are thus able to discard water quite quickly. Since they would be retaining less humidity, these foams are also less prone to be attacked by mold and mildew. Some of these foams also have antimicrobial properties, which is preferred in a marine environment.

The Foam Factory proposes different types of products for various indoors and outdoors applications including yacht cushions.

Weather Tips For Visiting The Cayman Islands

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Written by Andy’s Rent A Car

The weather of the Cayman Islands, as for other islands in the Caribbean, is always good throughout the year. However, as is the case for most tropical regions, the weather might be subject to some changes during certain periods. Before planning your vacations to the Cayman Islands, you might want to keep track of weather forecasts, depending on the conditions that you are seeking.

The hurricane season on the island lasts between June until the end of November. The high period on the islands are between December and April. The weather is perfect during these months and ideal for trips. During the peak season, the weather is generally dry with northeast trade winds blowing regularly and contributing to cooling down the island. Luckily the weather would not be so cloudy and windy during these months.

With regards to the weather and climate, the best month to pay a visit to the islands would be in April. The weather is adequately warm without the total heat of the Caribbean summer setting in, which is generally around May. However, despite the heat, Europeans prefer to visit the island during summer. However, irrespective of the month in which you choose to visit the islands, a Grand Cayman Island car rental is essential to experience the islands wholly. You will be able to drive to various interesting spots such as the beaches, cultural places and restaurants.

Andy’s Rent A Car provides car rental Cayman Island services for people seeking to rent-a-car Grand Cayman to visit the island.