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Why It Makes More Sense to Choose a Rental Car Over Uber

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Summary: There are some cases where rental cars can actually save you money and time as opposed to using the mammoth transportation service.

Looking to travel in search of adventure? Well, one aspect that you need to consider is getting around from place to place. And believe it or not, it’s not cheap. Especially when it’s completely possible to rent a car for $15 or less per day – although you might be missing some amenities that most modern cars provide.

What if Uber Is Out of Your Travel Network?

Now, Uber is a fantastic option when it comes to crowded cities that don’t have the best parking situation, but have you considered the fact that you might not have access to it when travelling abroad? For instance, you might want to opt for car rentals in Jordan or any other foreign country where language is an issue, network service might be lacking or Uber is simply just not an option.

Rental Cars Provide You With More Options

Don’t count Uber out though, it can definitely work as a short term situation but you need to consider the fact that it does add up, especially when you’re on a travel budget.

Say you go with a rental car agency like Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC as opposed to taking a taxi or an Uber. Although you might have to deal with the marginal hassle of refilling the car and returning the car, you’ll also gain more freedom and options to go where you want to go. In addition to that, you also won’t have to worry about raised prices during rush hour, optional tipping (which you should do) or grumpy drivers.

Important Things to Know when Renting a Car on the Cayman Islands

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If you are planning to look for car rentals on the Cayman Islands, there are some things that you should know before sealing the deal.


When you are booking your vacation, one of the first things that you’ll do is check out a list of all of the activities that the Cayman Islands has to offer. Also, make sure you it a priority to check out the different rates that car rental companies are offering. Not only are their prices important but their reliability and level of service should also be weighed in. Don’t end up choosing a company that charges you hidden fees or has contracts that make you read between the lines to find out their greedy intent.

Finding the right car hire in Grand Cayman shouldn’t be a burden. There are many reputable dealers that won’t look to scam you. Visiting popular travel forums will help point you in the right direction. Reading a post from someone who has had experience with a car rental company will give you an unbiased perspective that will further help you in deciding which one is right for you.

Choosing which car you should get depends on how many people you are travelling with. Most people just go with the cheapest rate and the most basic car. You’ll have the option to travel in luxury, but that all depends on what you prefer. Also note that some models might be a bit older at some firms. If that does come up to be an issue, just speak with a representative and inquire about which exact car you will be getting for use.

If you’re concerned about a possible accident occurring, check with your insurance policy to see whether or not you are covered internationally. Many policies do not include international coverage but it never hurts to ask.

Always check the policy before you sign it. There will be fees, obviously, but you’ll want to make sure that you’re not paying more than you should be. Make sure your car rental rep goes over the entire contract. Know the time when you have to return the car, the process for which an accident might occur, and any additional mileage fees.

The aim of your vacation is to travel easy and enjoy the many activities the island has to offer. Car rentals shouldn’t be a hassle and since it’s one of the first things that you’re going to need to take care of during your stay, start off on the right foot by choosing a hassle-free and cost-friendly company.
Andys Rent-A-Car has been serving visitors to the Cayman Islands for more than 15 years. A local family owned business, if you need to rent a car in Grand Cayman, visit Andy’s to find the best selection on the island.

Seeing as Much of Abu Dhabi as You Can

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By Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

No matter where you plan to go on your next vacation, you need to be sure you take enough time to plan ahead and really see everything this new spot has to offer. Even if you’ve been there before, part of ensuring you get to take in as much as possible involves doing just a bit of planning ahead.

MonteCar2However, if you’re going to somewhere like Abu Dhabi, this is all the more important. You absolutely must understand the layout of the land and where to go for all your adventures. This probably goes without saying though. Nowadays, you can even hire people who will help you plan your trip, leveraging their impressive knowledge of the place.

Even then, though, you’ll want to get a car lease in Abu Dhabi to make sure you can get from point A to point B whenever you want. How else will you be able to leave feeling satisfied you did everything you wanted to and then some?

Fortunately, with a cheap car rental in Abu Dhabi, nothing the land has to offer need ever be out of reach. You can also go there whenever you want without having to wait on someone else’s timetable.


For a car hire in Abu Dhabi you should really only trust Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC. You’ll get an amazing car at a great price and won’t have any trouble seeing everything that Abu Dhabi has to offer.

Insider Tips for Staying on Grand Cayman

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Written by: Andys Rent-a-Car

Christmas Tree Lighting Grand Cayman (1024x681)

Planning a vacation to a region that you have never been can bring just as much anxiety as excitement. The Cayman Islands are no exception. There are no shortages of activities, but the details of the trip can be especially hard to anticipate. If you book a room in the wrong area, for instance, you might be too far from anything of interest. Fail to book proper transportation once you’re on the island and you might find yourself with fewer activities within your reach.

The best way to plan a trip you’ll remember for years to come is to use insider knowledge to help decide where to stay and whether or not it’s worth it to rent a car in Grand Cayman.

Where to Stay

The basic choice before most travelers is whether to book a room at a hotel or a condo. There are advantages to both, it’s up to you to decide which offers the experience you want. With hotels, you’ll get room service and a small continental breakfast. Condos offer a similar experience, with snacks and food served in your room. The difference is that condos are your space; hotels are very much like visiting someone’s room.

That feeling of personal space can make a very big difference to travelers, especially older people who prefer time for themselves and a bit of privacy. As for seclusion, Seven Mile Beach offers a few sites away from hotels and larger condos, but you might be better served on the north side of Grand Cayman.

Rent a Bike or Car?

Many younger people who come to the island like to rent bikes for transportation, rather than a car hire in Grand Cayman. This is a good idea for the environment, maybe not so much for getting around. Roads can be very narrow in Grand Cayman, so bikes may have trouble inching past cars safely. Biking in the heat also makes it hard to get around. By the end of your trip you’ll be tired and dehydrated.

A better solution, if you truly wish to bike, is to plan for a day or two of Grand Caymans car rentals. This way, you get a respite during the middle of the trip and you can explore some parts of the island you’d otherwise not see.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide where you want to go and what you would like to do. Your trip to Grand Cayman can immerse you in beach culture, or provide the most amazing night life experiences you’ve ever had. Much of that experience is fueled by access. Plan accordingly.

Having a Blast in the Grand Caymans

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Written by: Andy’s Rent-A-Car

The Cayman Islands certainly deserve their collective reputation for being some of the most beautiful tropical locations in the world, and this reputation is especially true for the biggest island, Grand Cayman. At 76 square miles, Grand Cayman makes up 76% of the Cayman Islands’ landmass, and features unparalleled scenic beauty and delicious native cuisine. With a large variety of outdoor activities and sights to see, Grand Cayman is a perfect place to spend a few days in the lounging in the sun and playing surf. Here are some suggestions to get you started on your tour of the island.

Leisure Car Rentals in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman doesn’t compare to the mainland in terms of total land area, but the island can still prove challenging to get around without proper transportation. Better than bus or boat, car rentals in Grand Cayman are an excellent way for tourists to see the island. Those arriving by plane at Owen Roberts International Airport will find Andy’s Rent-A-Car an excellent option for those looking for an affordable and stylish means of getting around. Customers can either pick up their car directly from the George Town office (it’s only a 90-second walk from the terminal), or they can order a rental car to be delivered directly to their hotel.

Hitting Seven Mile Beach

This crescent-shaped and aptly named beach was honored by Caribbean Travel + Life as one of the Caribbean’s “Ultimate Beaches,” and for good reason. The entire beach is publicly accessible, and features much of the gorgeous marine life unique to the Caribbean. Drive out and enjoy the scenic coastal views—there are nearly endless places where you can park your car and jump into the ocean. Snorkeling, parasailing, and scuba diving are just a few of the options available to tourists at any given moment. Once you’ve tired yourself out, delicious food can be had at any of the numerous restaurants and luxury resorts that line the shore. If you’re feeling a more intimate, hands-on atmosphere, you can stay on the beach and host your own picnic—open grilling and pets are allowed free reign on the beach.

Explore More

Though it’s hard to imagine, Seven Mile Beach can be exhausted—eventually. In that case, there are plenty of other places to explore with your Grand Cayman car rental. The West Bay hosts the Kittiwake Shipwreck and artificial reef, which consistently ranks among the best sights in Grand Cayman. Also worth checking out is Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park, which features beautiful landscaping and terrestrial life.

Andys Rent-A-Car offers Grand Caymans car rentals to tourists and visitors to the Cayman Islands.

Plan a Romantic Road Trip in Jordan, a Treasure by the Seas

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Written by Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

Whether you seek adventure in the desert or by the sea, or want to get a taste of unique cuisine and vibrant nightlife, there’s plenty to capture the imagination in Jordan. This compact and exciting country is situated against two seas, boasts a truly Mediterranean climate, and features a plethora of natural sights.  With so much to see and do, Jordan provides plenty of opportunities to explore the world with someone you love.


Be sure to book a car hire in Abu Dhabi or Jordan before you get to Amman International Airport, as they’re the best bet to travel around Jordan at your leisure and convenience. With the whole of Jordan now just beyond the driver’s seat, here are some excellent vacation locations:


Relaxation and Well-Being by the Dead Sea


For those twho love to kick back, the Dead Sea provides ultimate leisure and natural beauty. Known for its rich mineral content and prized for its many health benefits, the Dead Sea is not only one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world, but also a place of relaxation and comfort. Multiple 5- and 4-star hotels line the Jordanian portion of the sea, each offering a variety of spa treatments. Ever wondered at the rejuvenating powers of a salt bath and detoxifying treatment? Find out yourself at one of the many resorts. After spending a couple days floating in the sea, laying out by the pool, or staying fit at the hotels’ tennis courts and fitness centers, couples can mingle with locals at the nearby Hammamat Ma’in (Ma’in Hot Springs), the gorgeous mineral-rich waters that feed the hundred-plus hot springs in the Jordanian Valley.


Coast Through Wadi Rum


With your car rental in Abu Dhabi International Airport in Abu Dhabi you can take a little drive south of the Dead Sea is Wadi Rum, a valley of sandstone and granite that will thrill any adventurous couple desirous of the drama of mountains and red desert. Rock climbers will love traversing Wadi Rum’s sheer granite cliffs and surveying the expanse of untouched lands that lie below. Those who appreciate thrilling views can participate in adrenaline-pumping aero sports, hot air balloon rides, and hikes across the many mountain ridges.


Adventure in Aqaba


Driving distance from Wadi Rum is Aqaba, a seaside town that combines the adventures of the desert with a sea setting. Situated at the northern tip of the Red Sea, Aqaba serves as the country’s only seaport. Thusly, the city features excellent seafood cuisine as well as lively nightlife. Bars and clubs pepper the city, while couples wanting a more intimate evening can enjoy a nighttime cruise around the Red Sea. Cap it all off with opportunities to snorkel, scuba dive, speedboat, sail, or fish, and Aqaba is a destination with plenty to offer visitors for a day or for a week.


Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC is an experienced car rental company that provides car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE and Jordan.   


Renting a Car in Grand Cayman

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Have you considered everything you’ll need for your vacation to the Cayman Islands? Some of the basics, like hotel and the fare to take the plane, are usually a given and quite easy to remember. No matter where you end up, most of the lodging on Grand Cayman is not central to everything you’ll want to do. The lifestyle there is as fast-paced as you want it to be, and you can find yourself in very different places depending on the time of day. It’s a good idea to secure yourself a Grand Caymans car rental, and to be sure that you understand the rules of the road.

Before you Rent

Everyone who visits the island will be required to obtain a permit to drive. You should know that all driving is done on the left-hand side of the road, which is different for Americans. Do notice stop signs and speed limit signs around the island. Tickets are distributed freely to both residents and visitors, so don’t get caught doing something avoidable. It’s also a good idea to select some insurance for your car if possible. Accidents happen wherever you go, and insurance is meant to cover those mistakes quickly and easily.

Driving for the First Time

Try taking Cayman Islands car rentals for a first time spin somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of traffic. Most rental car establishments are located near the airport on the outskirts of town, so it should be simple to find a space where you can take in the scenery. This is one reason why convertibles are so popular here. Make sure that you look both ways before you make left turns. This will seem very different for Americans, plus we are allowed to turn left at red lights after a full stop.

You’ll also notice a series of roundabouts around the island. Europeans will be familiar with roundabouts, which simply require incoming cars to yield to those in the roundabout. Make sure you always drive clockwise, and be courteous to other drivers in the roundabout.

Final Thoughts

Driving in Grand Cayman should be a scenic vacation in itself. If you get the basics down in a part of the town that has a lower traffic density, you’ll be ready for the night life that awaits you inland. Just remember to fasten your seatbelts!
Andy’s Rent-A-Car offers affordable car rentals in Cayman, and is conveniently located near the airport. Andy’s Rent-A-Car offers insurance, GPS units and many options of rental cars in Grand Cayman.