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How to get a Chromecast working in a hotel room

December 9, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

25Written by Costbuys

Being stuck in a hotel room for a long time can be difficult, especially if there is no quality entertainment available. One trick that lots of tech savvy travelers do is use the Google Chromecast streaming stick to cast video to the hotel room TV. It does require some work, a few accessories you can buy online, but for extended stays, it is worth the hassle. Here is a basic rundown of how to get a Chromecast working in a hotel room

You will need a laptop or tablet with local video/audio content, a smartphone with internet access, a Chromecast and power adaptor, a TV with HDMI port. Most of this is necessary as hotel room wireless networks use a technology which does not one device access another device on the same network, for security reasons.

First, on the internet enabled smartphone, setup a Wi-Fi hotspot for the Chromecast and other devices to use. Keep this phone powered at all times, as this is going to be a drain on the battery. Any online shop will carry all the cables needed for this setup. Now connect the Chromecast to the TV and connect it to the hotspot network.

Next, connect the device (tablet or laptop) with the local content to the same hotspot network. Now from any Chromecast compatible software cast to the TV.

Note that there are some countries that have affordable short term unlimited data connections for phones. In this situation alone, it can be cost-effective to actually cast content from the internet to the TV.


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