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Budget solutions for outdoor yacht cushions

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The yacht is an excellent place to spend some during summer time and when at sea. It is also one of the best places to have a party and host guests. Ideally, a yacht would be needing adequate seating spaces, especially on the outdoors for everyone to feel comfortable when onboard. However, these seat cushions are often subject to the elements. With some time rain, wind and sea water splashes would contribute to damage the cushion. The humidity of the marine environment might also contribute to bringing mold and mildew on these cushions.

In order to replace these cushions, a budget-friendly solution might be sought. Generally, foam companies offer the possibility of having the foam custom cut to suit the size of the project. You would need to accurately measure down the size of the foam required before ordering to have it cut. Carlo Badalamenti is now the VP of a foam company. He has also worked in the industry for several decades now. The adequate foam for such an outdoor project would need to be a dry fast foam. These types of foams are made of more open cells compared to regular foams. They are thus able to discard water quite quickly. Since they would be retaining less humidity, these foams are also less prone to be attacked by mold and mildew. Some of these foams also have antimicrobial properties, which is preferred in a marine environment.

The Foam Factory proposes different types of products for various indoors and outdoors applications including yacht cushions.

Packing fragile items for travel

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When traveling, you would be needing a secure and reliable protection from shock and damages, especially when carrying fragile items. You might be seeking to transport a special bottle of wine or a particular lovely souvenir from a country you have just visited. It is possible to travel with fragile souvenirs, you would only have to pack your good carefully. Moreover, if you are carry items such as electronics and musical instruments, it will be a good idea to protect these goods too.

Bubble Wrap

Wrapping your fragile items in bubble wraps is a good way to protect them. However, one would need to be wary about the space that these wraps take. Normally, the more fragile the product is, the more wrap would be required to secure it. You might want to cater for the bulk created by bubble wraps when getting your luggages. These bubble wraps might also be subject to unwrapping by airport security at some point.

Special containers

Some special containers are designed to provide a secure cushioning for products in order to prevent breakages. Some of them are inflatable and you will need to blow them up to create a safe enclosure for storing products.

Foam inserts

Carlo Badalamenti has been in foam business for several decades now. Alternatively, for more fragile items, foam inserts or cushion filling can be used to provide a protective layer. This type of protection is quite lightweight and does not take up much space. They also protect against compaction, vibrations and shock, which is great for protecting electronics.

The Foam Factory is specializes in various types of foam products including foam inserts.