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Exploring Africa: The Basics

July 6, 2009 by · 1,146 Comments 

One of the best vacation deals on the market is a trip to Africa for some of the most beautiful terrain and culturally-rich experiences in the world. The first stop is Cairo, Egypt, also known as the “Mother of Africa”. Egyptian package tours offer all-inclusive Nile cruises which cover all meals, entertainment and excursions to Valley of the Kings, Aswan, Edfu, Kom Ombo and more.

Upon completion of an Egypt tour, try a flight to South Africa for a one week stay on safari. Located just outside Johannesberg, Kruger National Park offers safari packages designed for all tastes, mobility levels and budgets. Family-style safaris are also available where children will take classes in African jewelry making and cooking. For disabled persons, there is a special program put out by Kumuka Tours called South Africa Enabled that provides local culture and wildlife expeditions for persons in wheelchairs.

Kruger National Park offers some of the best lodging rates in Africa, with options from private villas to in-home hostel stays with locals. Daily activities include hiking, biking, walking trails, interaction with animals and more. And there are no rigid time tables here. The safari traveler may arrive at Kruger with an empty itinerary slate, and plan each day on a whim.

Additional lodging is had all over the continent, offering terrain changes from the desert plains of the Kalahari to the grasslands of the Masai. For the ultimate in wildlife exploration, you will want to vary the locations to include the animals indigenous to each area.

From top to bottom, Africa is an adventure in beauty and timeless grace, and one of the most affordable packages around. Typical Egypt tours range from 8 to 21 nights and safari deals are generally sold by the week. There’s something for everybody in magnificent Africa; check with your travel agent for today’s best deal.

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