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What Every American Should Know When They Are Traveling

July 6, 2009 by · 536 Comments 

I have been to over fifteen different countries in four months. Now, I would not call myself an expert, but I would say that I have obtained some experience when it comes to visiting other countries. In my opinion, embarking on an adventure to a foreign land is something that everyone should do at least once in their life. Not only will you obtain a new perspective on life, you will also learn to appreciate your own home while making new friends and making lifelong memories.

1. Let’s start with the basics. The very first thing you need to get is a passport. As obvious as that sounds, you would be surprised at how many times people have come to me for advice on a trip, and I come to find out that they don’t even have a passport. Now, it’s important to work on this first, as it can take time to actually receive the passport. I would estimate about one to two months depending on your local passport agency. A great website to check out would be:

2. Keep an open mind. Remember, you are not in the U.S. anymore. People have different cultures, different beliefs, and a different way of life than here in the States. Depending on where you go, be prepared for culture shock. You know, “the anxiety and feelings felt when people have to operate within a different and unknown cultural or social environment.”

3. When in Rome… You remember that old saying. When going to a different country TRY EVERYTHING! You don’t want to come home after a vacation away, and have your friends and family ask you what you did on your exotic vacation, only to say that you ate at McDonald’s and went to a local movie. Research where the locals hang out, where they eat, and even where they shop. You’ll be surprised at the difference in your vacation story when you can tell your friends that you went to a farmer’s market and met a great group of people who took you to all of the places tourists never get to see.

Although there are so many other tips I can give you, I would count on these three being the most important ones! Have fun, and happy travels!

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