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Get Travel Codes and Save Money on Travel

July 6, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Travel codes or promotional codes can help you save hundreds sometimes even thousands of dollars on travel. A travel code is a number or a combination of letters and numbers you input into a booking site like upon checkout. Sometimes they give you a percentage off your total other times they provide special incentives like hotel room upgrades. It works just like a coupon except it is done online instead of at a physical store. Students and other special groups have more options for obtaining these type of savings. Some schools for examples make travel codes available to their students and alumni on school websites. Even charities like animal groups for example make use of travel codes to reward donors and volunteers.

Everyone else can take advantage of travel codes with a little homework. Coupon sites like list promo codes for travel as a service to their visitors. also offers printable coupons you can take on your trip to save on dining. Large sites such as entertainment sites like Entertainment Magazine sometimes offer special deals to their visitors as well. They can do this because travel companies provide them with exclusive deals to enhance their websites. So it pays to surf the net and watch out for special travel deals.

You can save on all types of travel. Everything like airfare, car rental, hotel, dining and even ferry rides. You don’t have to hunt for travel codes if you don’t want to. These codes can be obtained at booking sites like and too. Just read the terms and conditions to find out if your travel need qualifies for a discount. Also keep in mind you could get a better deal at another site even if it does not offer a coupon code for the particular service you are seeking. Certainly, it pays to shop around.

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