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Vacationing at the Pocono Resorts

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The Poconos is the best vacation destination for newlyweds and couples. The resorts and hotels found at the Poconos often offer honeymoon special: a specially designed package for newlyweds. This package is offered at resorts that host couples only. Singles are not allowed to visit these resorts. The honeymoon special takes the form of an all-inclusive package that has a variety of activities planned for the newlywed couples. The activities are both romantic and engaging in nature and may include both on-site and offsite events. Fun loving and adventurous couples can enjoy romantic hikes along well-guided trails.

The Pocono resorts are well furnished with executive amenities, which ensure that each couple gets to have the best experience. The rooms are spacious with good view of the beautiful Pocono Mountains. Newlyweds that take a Pocono honeymoon will not get bored; the resort organizes a variety of activities to keep the couples enjoying themselves. The nightlife is also unique and exquisite as honeymooners can go around to nightclubs and have a blast. The dining needs of couples attending Pocono honeymoon are catered for by expert chefs that are always on standby to ensure that the honeymooners get to sample the best of their culinary skills.

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