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The Art of Airport In-Flight Entertainment

June 1, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Being in airports, and sitting on a plane for a few hours, can sometimes be fairly boring. As a site full of holiday experts, we’re no strangers to the wonders of the aisle, the duty-free section of the airport’s storefront, and the endless parade of seats, toilets and the odd crying child which can sometimes make earplugs and sleeping pills something of a necessity – sometimes even before you get on the flight!

However, don’t worry too much, as there are ways to keep yourself level-headed and entertained, as we know that the holiday’s often so exciting that impatience is an obstacle between you and fun that you’ll have to learn to overcome. First of all, relax, and realize that all you’re doing (aside from ensuring you’ve got your ticket, boarding pass, passport and other small but essential items) is killing time. If you put it that way, suddenly it’s more similar to the commute, and we all know how to deal with that kind of monotony!

Books are a great way to ensure that the time flies by – that’s why you’ll often see most people digging one out of their back, whether they’re eight or eighty. Portable games consoles, smartphones, laptops and tablet computers are also fair game. Hey, if it means a quick game of poker in the middle of an airport or a few emails back and forth between you and some friends, then why not, right?

Last but not least, don’t forget something to make you go deaf. No, we don’t mean permanently – we mean headphones, preferably noise-cancelling, or earplugs. The worst thing about flying is there’s always one person who won’t stop talking, even on red-eyes, so why not eliminate them and get some sleep? A neck-pillow wouldn’t go amiss either. So from all of us here at the site, good luck with your ongoing struggle against airport and in-flight boredom, and we hope you enjoy your holiday!