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Exotic Caribbean Destinations

July 6, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

For a special getaway, a trip to the Caribbean offers an exotic escape to an array of volcanic islands. While almost all boast sandy white beaches set against turquoise water, some of these tropical isles offer even more tantalizing, unforgettable features.

Topped by the smoldering Mont Pelee volcano, Martinique is one of the isles of the Caribbean that transports visitors from hum-drum everyday life. Adorned in a breathtaking display of colorful flowers such as hibiscus and frangipani, it’s no wonder this island of flowers becomes a once in a lifetime memory. While it offers all the usual array of outdoor activities, it also offers a chance at relaxation. Known for its rum production, Martinique tempts visitors with tantalizing drinks as they sit and enjoy the sunsets. Because it is still part of an active volcano, many visitors are also able to experience the grey ash falls, something special to remember.

St. Lucia
This tiny island has a host of natural sights that range from coral reefs to gorgeous cliffs. In addition, it offers a wondrous look into a rain forest where visitors may view wild orchids, natural ferns, and birds of paradise. St. Lucia boasts the Soufriere volcano, a one of a kind in that visitors may drive into it. What makes this island even more special is the fact that it is one of the less publicized Caribbean Islands, making it an undiscovered treasure. St. Lucia is also known for its international jazz festivals.

Offering some of the best diving in the world, Curacao is surrounded by crystal clear water with excellent visibility. For those who are not into diving, the experience of seeing tropical fish from a boat is also a breathtaking experience. In addition, the island hosts an array of painters and artists who thrive in the sunny island’s friendly environment.

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